Electrical Repair Myths

Electrical Myths Debunked

Household myths are frequently passed from generation to generation. Many of these were established in the past when houses were not as modern and advanced as they are today. There are many myths that you and your family still believe in, and understanding common household electrical repair myths can ensure you are kept informed with regard to the safety of your home.

Only Old Wiring Can Go Bad

A common myth is that only old wiring can go bad. This encourages people living in newer houses to feel more comfortable and confident in their wiring. However, the truth is that any wiring is capable of going bad at any point. Wires can frequently overload or be affected by rodents chewing them which leads to accidental fires. While old wires can eventually wear down and become a hazard, any wire can go bad and will have to be replaced. You need to check the outlets and appliance cords in your home to ensure they are not damaged. Consistent checks from professional electricians are the best way to minimize dangers in your home.

Low-Voltage Shocks Are Harmless

You may on occasion plug your phone or lamp into an outlet at night and receive a small shock. While this can be brushed off as a minor and harmless jolt, there may be an instance where the shock can result in lasting damage. The electrical current in outlets is dangerous enough to stimulate involuntary muscle reactions, which result in seizures, bruises, and even death. Parents must watch their children around outlets to ensure they are kept safe, however, adults need to be just as wary of receiving an electrical shock. Steer clear of live wires and call an electrician if an electrical emergency has occurred in your home.

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